RA 8424: Title II, Chapter XII – Quarterly Corporate Income Tax Annual Declaration and Quarterly Payments of Income Taxes

Title II – Income Taxation, CHAPTER XIIQuarterly Corporate Income Tax Annual Declaration and Quarterly Payments of Income Taxes

SECTION 74. Declaration of Income Tax for Individuals. –

(A) In General. – Except as otherwise provided in this Section, every individual subject to income tax under Sections 24 and 25(A) of this Title, who is receiving self-employment income, whether it constitutes the sole source of his income or in combination with salaries, wages, and other fixed or determinable income, shall make and file a declaration of his estimated income for the current taxable year on or before May 15 of the same taxable year. In general, self-employment income consists of the earnings derived by the individual from the practice of profession or conduct of trade or business carried on by him as a sole proprietor or by a partnership of which he is a member. 

Nonresident Filipino citizens, with respect to income from without the Philippines, and nonresident aliens not engaged in trade or business in the Philippines, are not required to render a declaration of estimated income tax. The declaration shall contain such pertinent information as the Secretary of Finance, upon recommendation of the Commissioner, may, by rules and regulations prescribe. An individual may make amendments of a declaration filed during the taxable year under the rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Finance, upon recommendation of the Commissioner. (As amended by RA No. 10963 (December 19, 2017)).

(B) Return and Payment of Estimated Income Tax by Individuals. – The amount of estimated income as defined in Subsection (C) with respect to which a declaration is required under Subsection (A) shall be paid in four (4) installments. The first installment shall be paid at the time of declaration and the second and third shall be paid on August 15 and November 15 of the current year, respectively. The fourth installment shall be paid on or before May 15 of the following calendar year when the final adjusted income tax return is due to be filed. (As amended by RA No. 10963 (December 19, 2017))

(C) Definition of Estimated Tax. – In the case of an individual, the term ‘estimated tax’ means the amount which the individual declared as income tax in his final adjusted and annual income tax return for the preceding taxable year minus the sum of the credits allowed under this Title against the said tax.

If, during the current taxable year, the taxpayer reasonably expects to pay a bigger income tax, he shall file an amended declaration during any interval of installment payment dates.

SECTION 75. Declaration of Quarterly Corporate Income Tax. – Every corporation shall file in duplicate a quarterly summary declaration of its gross income and deductions on a cumulative basis for the preceding quarter or quarters upon which the income tax, as provided in Title II of this Code, shall be levied, collected and paid. The tax so computed shall be decreased by the amount of tax previously paid or assessed during the preceding quarters and shall be paid not later than sixty (60) days from the close of each of the first three (3) quarters of the taxable year, whether calendar or fiscal year.

SECTION 76. Final Adjustment Return. – Every corporation liable to tax under Section 27 shall file a final adjustment return covering the total taxable income for the preceding calendar or fiscal year. If the sum of the quarterly tax payments made during the said taxable year is not equal to the total tax due on the entire taxable income of that year, the corporation shall either:

  • (A)       Pay the balance of tax still due; or
  • (B)       Carry-over the excess credit; or
  • (C)       Be credited or refunded with the excess amount paid, as the case may be.

In case the corporation is entitled to a tax credit or refund of the excess estimated quarterly income taxes paid, the excess amount shown on its final adjustment return may be carried over and credited against the estimated quarterly income tax liabilities for the taxable quarters of the succeeding taxable years. Once the option to carry-over and apply the excess quarterly income tax against income tax due for the taxable quarters of the succeeding taxable years has been made, such option shall be considered irrevocable for that taxable period and no application for cash refund or issuance of a tax credit certificate shall be allowed therefor.

SECTION 77. Place and Time of Filing and Payment of Quarterly Corporate Income Tax. –

(A) Place of Filing. – Except as the Commissioner otherwise permits, the quarterly income tax declaration required in Section 75 and the final adjustment return required in Section 76 shall be filed with the authorized agent banks or Revenue District Officer or Collection Agent or duly authorized Treasurer of the city or municipality having jurisdiction over the location of the principal office of the corporation filing the return or place where its main books of accounts and other data from which the return is prepared are kept.

(B) Time of Filing the Income Tax Return. – The corporate quarterly declaration shall be filed within sixty (60) days following the close of each of the first three (3) quarters of the taxable year. The final adjustment return shall be filed on or before the fifteenth (15th) day of April, or on or before the fifteenth (15th) day of the fourth (4th) month following the close of the fiscal year, as the case may be.

(C) Time of Payment of the Income Tax. – The income tax due on the corporate quarterly returns and the final adjustment income tax returns computed in accordance with Sections 75 and 76 shall be paid at the time the declaration or return is filed in a manner prescribed by the Commissioner.

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