5 Advantages of Having Your Own Website as Professional Practitioner

By: Cecile Maglunob, CPA

In this modern world, almost everything is online and Covid-19 seems to highlight this fact as it shaken almost all types of professions globally. Here in the Philippines, many professional practitioners are still in adjustment phase of re-navigating their practice to adopt and survive on the paradigm shift brought by the pandemic. We ourselves are racing for changing our processes and procedures to ensure we keep our wheels running despite the abrupt changes to the business models of the current times.

As we move forward in our practice, we feel the need for sharing the advantages of having your own professional website to create a more long -term path. The five points below are not absolute and were just based on our personal experiences as we personally manage our own website for our practice.

1. Global visibility of your profile

Business cards for professionals is a must but would have limited reach to those we physically deal with during business meetings but this does not work all the way. In this modern times, almost all of the global leads such as foreign investors to Philippines and local clients are checking background online of professional practitioners they intend to deal with. Majority of our potential clients are coming from our online visibility and through the help of the website providing for our business and personal profiles 24/4 across all timelines among all nations worldwide, we were able to meet different global clients from time to time. It seems that if your are not much visible online, they might have hesitations or reservations on your professional profile that extends beyond your personal details but more on professional dealings that would give them more convenience in deciding to take you for professional work.

2. Professional services offering tool at fingertips

Having a website is like serving a buffet to potential clients. Your potential clients can view all your service offerings in just one platform and will navigate without bothering you as you might be asleep in Ph while they are browsing in other parts of the world with different time zones. Based on our common observations, we saved a lot of time on answering the same questions about our services by simply referring to our website. Remember, every minute of our time as professionals counts and is precious for us.

3. More professional branding

To maintain a website is really an investment on professional branding. What they read about you on the web becomes an initial credibility point as they gather your profile. No matter what is the size of your team, as long as you can project properly your capabilities in your website, it will definitely create a good perception and impact to invite their interest in your professional dealings. Somehow, it can save you from hiring costly brand managers.

4. Wider range of contribution to online resources

Generation today loves “googling” or searching everything on google. If you are one with us who are passionate of sharing resources online, your website is the best tool to fill in the gap of online resources relative to our practice that could reach everyone else of interest, globally. The global community will surely thank you for the generosity and will return the favors by becoming your clients in the future of referring you within their network.

5. Long-term mark

Lastly, your website, while up and running online, will create a long-term mark online. Social media like facebook, instagram and twitter are indeed good tools to create a trending topic online. However, if you are looking for a longer mark, your slowly but surely website investment seems to be an option. This may not happen overnight but in the long-run, benefits are just waiting to be reaped.

As mentioned earlier, above observations are personal to us and could be not applicable for some depending on your set-up. As accountants, we can always gauge the cost vs. benefit of having one by not just focusing on today but on the future as well.

About the Author:

Cecile Maglunob is a Certified Public Accountant by profession being the audit and outsourcing partner of G. Pagaspas Partners & Co. CPAs, and a VP-Operations of Tax and Accounting Center, Inc. extensively involved in engineering learning programs, platforms, and other online campaigns using modern day tools. She is an enthusiast in online connectivity, websites – designs and functionalities, work-file network and systems, and other related areas. She is as well an artist dealing with artworks and paintings.

Disclaimer: This is for purposes of academic discussions only as personally summarized by the author, not of Tax and Accounting Center, Inc. and is not a substitute for an expert opinion. Please consult your preferred tax and/or legal consultant for the specific details applicable to your circumstances.

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