Webinar: Winning BIR Tax Assessment and Preparing Effective Tax Protest

Few years ago, we encountered a client who is facing a PhP 10M tax assessment. The amount is no joke and the owners are on the point of deciding the closure of their business after years of hardships in building their brand and team.

Indeed, facing a tax assessment is not an easy problem to deal with. Most of the time, business owners with tax assessment tend to think of closing down their hard-earned business than face the BIR due to the fear of the unknown implications at the end of the process.

Because of that encounter few years ago, we came up with a seminar program that will educate the tax payers on the correct tax assessment process in the Philippines. With the familiarity of the process, your right as a tax payer during the process and the understanding the common areas for BIR examination, you can properly prepare and anticipate the implications of tax assessment in your own company. Also, we included the steps on how to prepare an effective protest on the event that you already facing the BIR assessment.

Learning points:

  • Learn the tax assessment process in the Philippines
  • Learn the common BIR findings so you can prepare and check your compliance on those areas
  • Understand the key factors in preparing an effective tax protest

Question and answer on the later part of the webinar would allow you to seek clarifications on the above items.

Schedule and Duration:

September 14, 2022 at 1:30pm to 3:30pm


Webinar investment is PhP1,500.00 (plus 12% VAT), inclusive of a Webinar Certificate that you could process with PRC BOA for CPD credit units under self-directed learning.


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Resource Person:

The resource person is Mr. Garry S. Pagaspas, CPA, formerly with the academe for about five (5) years, a tax practitioner for almost two (2) decades dealing with ensuring tax compliance of its clients and providing professional assistance to clients during tax assessments/ examinations.

Who should attends?
Highly recommended for Small & medium business owners, new entrepreneurs, accounting graduates, & interested others.
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