Webinar: Withholding Taxes, Subjects & Applications

Withholding tax is most commonly applicable tax obligation of taxpayers engaged in trade or business being automatically instituted by the BIR as a withholding agent. The obligation seems simple – withhold on certain expenses, remit withheld taxes to BIR, issue payees certificate, and file returns/ reports to BIR, but failure to comply with these obligations are proven to be headaches – being required to pay amount that should have been withheld with penalties (25% surcharge, 12% interest, and compromise penalties), being penalized for every return or report failed to be filed, and being disallowed to claim deductible expense from income tax returns those expenses failed to be withheld. Accordingly, this withholding tax is a must-learn tax obligation of each and every taxpayer.

This webinar comes in a series that you can join in all series to fully understand and appreciate withholding tax rules in Philippines or just enroll for the session that you feel is most applicable to you.

Learning Points:

Session 1

  • Learn the nature and purpose of withholding taxes (expanded & final withholding taxes).
  • Learn your obligations as a withholding agent, when applicable and the risks for noncompliance.
  • Learn what income payments are subject to withholding taxes and the corresponding rates.
  • Learn the requirements and implications of top 20,000 corporations, payments to non-resident entities, and transactions with the government.

Session 2

  • Learn accounting treatment and entries of withholding taxes.
  • Learn how to prepare and file related BIR Forms and reports – monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  • Learn how BIR makes an assessment on withholding taxes.


Schedule & duration:

September 8-9, 2022 at 9:00am to 11:00am


Webinar investment is PhP1,680.00 (VAT inclusive) per session or PhP 3,000 (VAT inclusive) if availing two sessions , inclusive of Webinar Certificate that you could process with PRC BOA for CPD credit units under self-directed.


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Resource Person:

Resource Speakers of TaxAcctg Center are Certified Public Accountants and all experienced practitioners in statutory audit & Philippine taxation.

Who should attends?
Highly recommended for Small & medium business owners, new entrepreneurs, accounting graduates, & interested others.
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