2nd Federball Spiel Badminton Tour Concluded

Garry Pagaspas, Men's Doubles Level A Champion

Congratulations to Garry S. Pagaspas, CPA (our Resource Speaker) – Men’s Doubles – Level A Champion of the 2nd Federball Spiel Badminton Tour!

Men’s Doubles Level A is composed of six (6) teams in two (2) groups – A and B. Each team will play against all within the group and after the round, the two teams with the highest number of wins will qualify for the quarter-finals, Rank 1 of Group A cross-over play with the Rank 2 Group B, and Rank 2 of Group A cross over play with Rank 1 of Group B. Quarter-finals winners will face-off for the championship match. Each match is a 35-point one, except for the championship match that is play of tow 21-point sets, and one 11-point decisive match.

With Garry’s partner, Sir Patrick-CPA from DKS, they made it to the top with their straight wins in all their matches. The CPA minds of the pair developed a game plan analyzing the strength of their tandem in relation to the strength and weakness of their opponents.

Fist match was a close one at the commencement until the pair gained momentum and won. Second match was likewise a closed one except for the last part after the game plan took effect and the pair reached ahead for the 35th match point. Cross-over match was a bit challenging as the opponent pair has a strong player capable of a spin smash from the back line. Thanks to the cooperation, coordination and the effective game plan, the pair of Garry and Sir Patrick overtook the scoreboard from the change score point to the 35th match point.

Before the Championship Match, the lunch time took place. The Championship Match is likewise challenging for them because the opponent pair members are both court favorites – the way Garry described it, spending more time on courts in their spare times after office works. One is a back line smasher and a good front court player, while the other one is very much exposed with strong players in his home court.

With enthusiasm, alertness, and court hard work, Garry and Sir Patrick left the opponent and got ahead for the 21st match point. Maintaining the game momentum, the pair continued to lead and was lucky enough to win the 2nd set 21st match point bringing them the glory of the champion in the Men’s Doubles – Level A of the 2nd Federball Spiel Badminton Tournament.

Once again, Congratulations and Hail to the Champions!

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