My First Brand New Toyota Car in the Philippines

By: Belle of Tax and Accounting Center Philippines

As an employed professional, buying my own brand new car in the Philippines is quite a common desire for varied reasons. One, it would give me convenience in reporting for work and going home any time after overtime. Instead of getting a cab late at night for worries on the road, I have all the reasons to go home anytime.

Another factor is family travels and bonding. We are a small family of four (4) with some close relatives and during weekends, family time comes into play. With own car, we can reach the nearby places to go in Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces – Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, etc. We could leave early morning for the ride, roam around, park for lunch time and get back home before sunset or after dinner.

Third factor is for personal and professional appointments. Own car would give me flexibility is meeting old friends, business partners, and other professional appointments. I play badminton and this will give me much comfort bringing my sports gears.

How I landed with Toyota in the Philippines?

My first attempt is for Mitsubishi Adventure and I filled out an application in one car show at SM Bicutan. After some documentation, I was disapproved based on financial reasons. When I happen to pass by a car show at Market Market Taguig City, Fort Bonifacio, I inquired and related my intention to acquire one. I filled out an application for brand new Toyota Innova in the Philippines through their agent, Kevin.

Agent Kevin is the type of sales agent who will assist you in the documentation and give you the best package. The financial reason and my capacity to finance the brand new Toyota unit was first at issue but after some discussions and additional documents, I succeeded in getting my application approved for Toyota Innova J 2013 Manual/Diesel unit. It came at 30% down payment and P15,000 monthly amortization in 60 months.  It was in December 19, 2012 when the brand new Toyota Innova in the Philippines was released and my first ride of my brand new Toyota car in the Philippines.

Brand New Toyota Innova J 2013

Brand New Toyota Innova J 2013 named “POTPOT”


Why a brand new Toyota Innova?

Honestly, I am no good at car specifications but finds joy in recognizing their brands and models by their looks and designs as I see them in the road. I finally settled for Toyota Innova for its design, engine size,  affordability, and capacity. Honestly, I am not quite technical with the description but it is how I saw it.

We call out brand new Toyota Innova as “POTPOT” and we love him much. His design is great. Its 2.5- liter engine is as the same size with Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter and Toyota Camry so expectedly, it could speed-up in like manner.  With its capacity, I can load up my family and some relatives or friends and it would be great to have them all in one bonding moment. Say Hi! to Potpot.

Costly operations versus comfort

But guys, as a new car owner, I have to admit of the incremental costs of operation but I think this is just normal. Gasoline (diesel) expenses in a month, parking fees in Makati City and Fort Bonifacio Global City, toll fees in expressways, maintenance fees for change oil at first 1,000 kilometers, next 4,000 kilometers, and every 5,000 kilometers run, car wash weekly or oftener. My taxi transportation cost is outrun by the incremental costs of the brand new Toyota Innova in the Philippines in the first two (2) months of Potpot’s initial run.

On top of all this, I would still recommend a brand new Toyota car in the Philippines. Last January, agent Kevin gave us their Toyota Global City All-In Promo that comes with the following:

  • free insurance with AOG,
  • 3 years LTO registration,
  • processing fee,
  • tint,
  • seat cover,
  • carpet matting, and
  • rust proof.

For your reference, please refer to the pdf file in this link (  with the contact details that you may coordinate. Friendly tip – in dealing with toyota car sales agents, you may bargain for some accessories to be included.

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