AD.HOC Shirts Phils Yolanda Victims Fund Raising

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ad.hoc Ph shirts fund raising campaign

ad.hoc Ph shirts fund raising campaign

AD.HOC: For this advocacy. Youth on the Move.

Blasting in the news, Typhoon Yolanda’s unimaginable strength struck the Philippines, Nov. 8, 2013. The strongest typhoon in the whole world for this year, and one of the deadliest ever recorded in the history, has brought drastic damages to our country. As the fading gust of winds unveiled the aftermath scenario, we, as were safe in our comfortable places, couldn’t think,

“What if I were there, struggling to live. “

As burdened by different stories of survival, heartbreaks, trauma, evident crimes, struggle for the scarcity of necessities, we realized,

“We cannot just watch the news and cry. We must do something.”

It was November 14, Thursday, almost a week after the storm struck, the idea of putting up a fund raising project for the benefit of the Typhoon victims just came out of our Facebook conversation tackling about our sentiments on the recent tragedy. Moved by the need to lend a hand for our fellowmen, and having no amount of money in pocket, we just uploaded a single picture of the layout of the shirt, thinking that it will be just viewed by our own circle of friends.

But the day after, overflowing requests came into our inboxes, showing their support for the project to help our kababayans who are in much need. Most of them are youths, seeking for open doors of opportunity to help the needy despite of the tight budget in hand.

Its been 4 days after the launch of the Project #StrongPinoy, and orders are like water in the hydraulic pump! Even people outside Cavite, and the country, are interested in purchasing the inspirational Tee. Overwhelmed by the positive feedback of the public, we came to serious objective of creating a Tee line that will be used for our advocacies and to help our co- Filipinos- Ad.Hoc: For this Advocacy

For it was formed out of immediate need, and for a purpose to promote advocacies, Ad.Hoc Clothing will be more than just a Tee clothing line: it will inspire and motivate the country through the statement and designer shirts made by the youths of today. Aiming to create more positive Filipinos, the Tees will encourage the people, esp. the youth to move more than they could, to step out of their comfort zones, and to reach out for people.

Today, orders and support for the Project #StrongPinoy are still bursting, and we are looking forward for more projects that will make a difference for our beloved country.

We should never get tired of serving our country. Youth, you are more than you think of yourself. Even us, the starters of this project / line are just ordinary citizens. But together, as one Filipino, we will be creating a positive change for our country.

Let us continue to support our country in helping the Visayas victims to rise again and to look for the new hope of tomorrow. Never cease to pray. Commit everything to God. There is nothing impossible for him who believes.

Buy Shirt for Yolanda Fund Raising Campaign

Buy Shirt for Yolanda Fund Raising Campaign

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